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What is a summary of D.H. Lawrence's Essay "Pan in America"?

In "Pan in America," D.H. Lawrence uses the Greek God Pan to illustrate how "man got too much separated off from the universe." He bemoans how people have given up nature for cities and how Christians have turned Pan into a satanic figure. Conversely, Lawrence champions Pan and his nymphs for their embrace of nature. Finally, using the example of a tree on his “little ranch,” Lawrence shows that Pan's spirit remains alive in his world.

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With the essay "Pan in America", D.H. Lawrence thinks through his admiration of the Greek God Pan. He uses Pan as a way to comment on society and religion.

Lawrence praises Pan for being the "father of fauns and nymphs, satyrs and dryads and naiads." He extols Pan's nymphs for making "the myrtles blossom more gaily,” “the spring bubble up with greater urge,” and “the birds flash with a strength of life." But how do other...

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