What is a summary of chapter 6 of Internment by Samira Ahmed?

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Chapter 6 takes place after the first train ride that the family takes toward Camp Mobius. They disembark and prepare to board buses in Independence, California. Each of the people will be assigned a bus based on the identification number that was permanently stamped on their wrists at the train station.

Layla is upset and vocal about it; her parents caution her against speaking out. She doesn't believe that the soldiers will hurt them but Ayesha, a girl nearby, speaks up and says they're already being jailed for their faith—she believes they can do whatever they want to them. They board the buses to head for Camp Mobius.

When they arrive, Layla sees a little boy running from the guards. The mother begs them to put her son down and not to hurt him; she says he doesn't understand. The guard who protected Layla on the train steps in and makes sure the son is returned to his mother.

They go through full-body scans and have their luggage imaged, then walk in to register. Layla and her family are assigned to Mercury Home Number Seventeen, Block Two. Layla speaks up—asking about phone calls and food—and is rudely rebuffed.

The family is given a shiny silver trailer that's small and smells of bleach. Layla can see that her parents are upset. Each of them tries to relax and explore the trailer, but there isn't much to see. Layla ends up going outside to take a walk and runs into Ayesha. They see a fight between a guard and a person interred in the camp. The man insists that he went to high school with the guard, and the guard tells him to calm down and do what he's told. Layla realizes how powerless they all are there.

The man—Soheil—introduces himself to Ayesha and Layla. He compares their camp to a prison camp, and Ayesha gets scared for the first time. Layla considers shielding her but decides she shouldn't do that. The three of them realize that everyone is being separated into living areas by ethnic group. They leave for the orientation.

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