What is a summary of chapter 21 and 22 of The Shakespeare Stealer? What is most important in these two chapters?

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As Chapter 21 opens, Nick reacts to the knowledge that Julian is actually Julia. Widge says that he's never seen him at a loss for words, but this news shocks him into momentary silence. Widge reflects that, looking back, there were clues as to Julia's true identity. The sharers decide to let Julia continue with the play so that her part isn't read by a prentice.

Widge and Sander set out to look for Nick as the time for the performance approaches. When they find him, a student in the bar makes a joke that Nick fences with women; this offends him because he's been fencing with Julia believing her to be Julian. Nick attacks the student, but the student is the better fighter. Widge cries out that the student has killed Nick when the student cuts Nick's throat.

Chapter 22 begins as Widge throws a stool at the student. It knocks the rapier out of his grasp. As they work to treat Nick...

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