What is a summary of chapter 2 of On the Come Up?

In chapter 2 of On the Come Up, Aunt Pooh drives Bri to a rap battle. Bri is worried because Jay unexpectedly brought home their special meal. However, she puts her worry out of her mind and focuses on her upcoming battle. A battle goes down, and she is impressed by the quality of the rapping. Suddenly it is her turn, and she realizes she will be shamed forever if she does not win.

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After receiving the call, it only takes fifteen minutes for Aunt Pooh to pull up in her Cutlass, music blasting, to drive Bri to the Ring. Aunt Pooh is a Garden Disciple, covered in tattoos and accessorized in green. Her style is basically “Garden Heights Gang Culture 101.”

Bri tells Aunt Pooh that she knows something bad has happened. If nothing had happened, Jay wouldn’t have brought home their special meal, a combination of Popeye’s, KFC, and Church’s Chicken that they call Popkenchurch. Aunt Pooh reassures her niece, a “Ring legend-in-the-making,” that she is just nervous. Bri tries to calm down, but she “can’t shake the feeling that the world has turned upside down.”


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