The Thief of Always

by Clive Barker

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What is a summary of chapter 19 of The Thief of Always?

In chapter 19 of The Thief of Always, Harvey takes down Jive, one of the servants at the house. He tricks Jive into eating food made from dirt and dust, and in the process Jive falls down the stairs and dies.

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At the start of chapter 19, “Dust to Dust” Harvey has just taken down Marr, one of the three servants at the Holiday House. Now he intends to take down a second one, Jive.

The chapter opens with Rictus smiling and laughing at Harvey. Rictus tells Harvey that he will never take down Mr. Hood because he doesn’t understand what Mr. Hood is capable of. Harvey and Mrs. Griffin stand their ground, however, and they stress that they know everything is an illusion.

Next, Harvey focuses on tricking Jive. Jive tries to get Harvey to eat a plate of pie and ice cream, which of course is really an illusion. Harvey resists, saying that it might be poisoned. This reaction makes Jive want to prove that it is edible, and he swallows it all at once. Suddenly Jive realizes that the treat was actually made of dirt and dust. He tries to spit it up and in the process falls down the staircase and perishes.

Afterward, Harvey and Wendell catch up, and Wendell says he is going to go say hi to Mrs. Griffin. Wendell is not aware of Harvey’s plans to confront Mr. Hood and expresses concern about where Harvey is going. The chapter ends with Harvey on his way up to the attic.

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