What is a summary of chapter 10 of Chains?

Expert Answers

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Chapter 9 ends with Isabel learning that Madam Lockton's chest was filled with money, and Lockton plans to use it to bribe Patriots to change sides. Chapter 10 begins with Isabel planning to sneak out of the Lockton house in order to tell Curzon about what she has learned. Isabel has embraced Curzon's suggestion that she spy for the Patriots. Isabel makes her way through the city while dodging patrols, and she arrives at Bellinghams's house where she informs Curzon about what she has learned about Master Lockton. Curzon is proud of Isabel and her efforts, and he thanks her for joining his cause and doing the right thing. He plans to take the information to his master the next morning; however, readers realize that Isabel is doing this more for her own protection and Ruth's protection than anything else about which cause is more right.

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