What is a summary of chapter 1 of The Oz Principle?

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In chapter 1 of The Oz Principle, we are introduced to the main theme of the book, which is the importance of personal accountability.

In keeping with the title's allusion to the children's classic The Wizard of Oz, chapter 1 of The Oz Principle starts off with a discussion between Dorothy and the Scarecrow in which the Scarecrow asks to go with Dorothy to the Wizard for a brain. Here, we are dealing with characters who feel that their lives are unfulfilled because they are missing something; in the case of the Scarecrow, a brain.

This is used as an example to illustrate the point that people too often see themselves as victims, unable to recognize that the key to what they want in life lies within themselves. The first step to breaking free from the cycle of victimization is to recognize that one is caught up in it. Once this step has been made, then it becomes possible to break out of the constricting mindset of victimhood and begin to accept accountability for one's actions.

Among other things, this allows us to work hard to make improvements in our lives and in our businesses. If we accept responsibility for our actions and the work that we do, then we are more likely to do our very best. In turn, this will give us the strength and the confidence to rise above difficult circumstances and deal with them effectively.

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