What is a summary for the poem "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost?

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That is a dilemma!  Perhaps you can introduce the summary with a little background on Frost's circumstances for writing this poem and then do your synopsis.

Your response should take the best part of a page.  Always read poetry out loud; notice images and rhymes or rhythms that appeal to you.  Phrasing and word choice also elicit responses as does metaphors and other literary devices.  In a response, for example, you can write about how you like the image of ice paired with that of fire because.....The use of the word suffice certainly is an understatement.  What is your reaction to this?

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It has to do with the speaker's view of the end of the world.  Some say it will end in fire and some say ice.  What images/emotions do you associate with each?  Fire might equal passion while ice might equal the opposite.  Consider contrasting death by burning and death by freezing.  This is a very short poem that relies on two very strong images to draw meaning from.  Consider every experience you have (using literature is a great idea here) and make a list of what you associate with each image.

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