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What is a summary chapter 2 ("I Got Him...") of the book Jimmie Lee & James by Steve Fiffer and Adar Cohen.

In chapter 2 of Jimmie Lee & James, the activists inside Zion United confront the Marion police. The police order the marches to disperse, go home, or return to the church. When Reverend Dobynes starts to pray, police beat him. They also assault Black men with no connection to the demonstration, including a Black man driving home from work. We also read about the media rushing from Selma to Marion to cover the sudden violence.

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As you probably already know, Two Lives tells us about the deaths of two civil rights activists: a Black deacon named Jimmie Lee Jenkins and a white minister named James Reeb. In Two Lives, Steve Fiffer and Adar Cohen tell us the role that these two specific deaths played in America’s greater struggle for racial justice and equality.

Now let's get into chapter 2.

In chapter 2, the meeting inside the Zion United church has just concluded. The activists now plan to march to the jail. We...

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