The Poetry of Robert Frost

by Robert Frost

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What is a summary and analysis of "An Unstamped Letter in Our Rural Letter Box"?

Expert Answers

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This poem is in the form of a letter written by a tramp who has spent the night in somebody's garden. The tramp leaves a letter for the owners of the house to tell them of the beautiful night sky that he saw while he spent the night in their garden. He says that he saw "two stars' having coalesced . . . streaking molten down the west."

The tramp expresses his sympathy for the homeowners who could not have seen the beautiful sight because they had a roof between them and the sky. The tramp does speculate that perhaps they saw the sight "through a rusty screen," and hopes that they have had opportunities in their lives, "from sleeping out," or perhaps from "the work (they) went about," to witness such a sight as he saw as their "involuntary guest" in their garden.

Overall, this poem is about the joy that one can experience from being at one with nature. The tramp slept beneath a juniper tree in somebody else's garden, took comfort in the night sky, and witnessed there a beautiful sight which led to some sort of epiphany. In contrast, the homeowners, who we would assume are in every other respect more fortunate than the tramp, didn't have the same experience, and so, for this one moment at least, were less fortunate than their guest.

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