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What is a strong introduction to an essay on the gender pay gap and inequality in sports?

One way to write a strong introduction to an essay is to write it last. When writing an essay on the gender pay gap in sports, leading with an attention-grabbing or surprising statistic will spark interest in the reader.

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Here's one of my favorite tips to writing an outstanding essay introduction:

When you start writing the essay itself—that is, when you're done with your research and you have a pretty good idea what you plan to say—start by writing down your thesis statement. Then, write the rest of the paper, where you include all of the reasons you're saying what you said in your thesis and the examples that demonstrate why those reasons are worth considering.

At the end, start a new paragraph by stating your thesis again but in a different way. Use a few sentences to summarize the paper, maybe by reminding the reader of a...

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