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What is a solution to the problem of increased money in politics and the decreasing trust in elections to provide fair and unbiased results? Is this a solvable problem?

The solution of increased money in politics is for average citizens to spend more time informing themselves and figuring out what their opinions are beyond the influence of biased media. Citizens can take small practical steps to fight issues in the electoral system, such as by volunteering with a voting rights project or countering misinformation.

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The first response to this is to say that people who do not vote are part of the problem. If you believe that a small group of rich people has undue influence on elections, the obvious response is to counteract that influence by voting. The more people who vote, the more democratic an election will be. Of course, there are over 200 million registered voters in the United States, and so one vote will probably not sway an election, although some races are so close that a few votes might make a difference.

In democracies sometimes one's favored candidate wins and sometimes one's favored candidate does not win. Deciding to stop voting because a favored candidate did not win or might not be guaranteed to win is counterproductive. In certain ways, the greatest threat to democracy is not so much "insiders" or "elites" or "establishments," but people swayed by conspiracy...

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