What is a similarity between today and the 1960s?

Many similarities exist between the 1960s and now, but one of the most prominent ones is the reactionary nature of the eras. Weary of the civil rights movement, Equal Rights Amendment, and hippies, Americans reacted to the free-spirited 1960s by electing a "law and order" man, Richard Nixon, to the presidency. Similarly, Donald Trump took advantage of an angry base and became the next president after the first black president left office.

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There are many similarities between the 1960s and the present day. Perhaps a good way to look at these commonalities is to look at the aftermath of that turbulent decade, which partly explains how we arrived here today.

After the turmoil and radicalism of the 1960s, including the race riots in Watts, women pushing for an equal rights amendment, and hippies running amok in the streets, Americans were looking for stability in the 1968 election. When the Democrats imploded at their 1968 convention, the road was clear for Richard Nixon to win the White House. The “law and order” candidate had become president, and while the spirit of the 1960s lived on somewhat, a backlash had begun—not only against the civil rights movement but also against women, hippies, and other groups that had, in the eyes of Nixon supporters, undermined America’s greatness.

The civil rights gained in the decade, however, would not be lost. Martin Luther King Jr.’s claim that the arc of history “bends...

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