What is a short summary of the essay "Here is New York" by E. B. White? What is it about, and what is the main idea? Can you back up these ideas with details from the essay?

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The main idea of this long essay by a man closely associated with New York City (as the author of the New Yorker's Talk of the Town and frequent contributor to this quintessential New York magazine) is to celebrate New York (Manhattan) in all its diversity. White argues that the city is like poetry, compressing much into a few lines. He tries to describe the vast diversity of the city. He asserts it as the new capital of the world, an apt label as in 1949, the United States had finally fully assumed the mantle of world power. He argues that it is both a microcosm of the world and unlike any other place.

A difficulty with summarizing this essay, as with Whitman's Song of Myself , is that it is trying to encompass the entirety of what New York City is—from its homeless in the Bowery to its Lower East Side neighborhoods, from Broadway to Rockefeller Center, from its industrial ports to its subways and commuter buses, from commerce to art, from visitors to life long residents, from cheap diners...

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