What is a short summary of "How I Went Out in Service" by Louisa May Alcott?

In "How I went out in Service," Alcott's narrator describes how she took a job as a paid companion to a clergyman's sister. The job is much harder than she was led to believe, and the clergyman, Josephus, wants her to fawn all over him. Realizing she was mislead, Louisa decides to leave after a month. She stays an extra three weeks and is paid only four dollars. Through her mistreatment, she learns to treat her own servants well.

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In this story, Louisa May Alcott's narrator, also named Louisa, tells of taking a job as a paid companion to a clergyman's invalid sister. The clergyman describes the job as very easy and speaks of the opportunity for Louisa to spend her evenings with books and music in his study.

When Louisa arrives, she finds that she is expected to do much more heavy labor than she was led to believe. Also, when she wants to relax in her employer's lovely study after dinner, she...

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