What is a real-life example and an example from the play of the theme "values and ideals are worth fighting for"?

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In Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun, there are multiple examples of characters fighting for values and ideals that are significant. One such example is the conflict that arises between Beneatha and her suitor, George. Beneatha wants to connect to her African heritage. George, without even seeming to realize his words' impact, tells her, "Don't be so proud of yourself, Bennie—just because you look eccentric" (act 2, scene 1). She questions, "How can something that's natural be eccentric?" and George stumbles over his reply, telling her to get dressed. This source of conflict continues into the next scene, when Beneatha tries to get George to engage in meaningful conversation with her, and he tells her that he wants "a nice—simple . . . girl . . . not a poet" (act 2, scene 2). Beneatha finally has enough, realizing...

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