What is a quote from Frankenstein that shows how Victor was filled with grief and sadness due to the deaths that the monster caused, or that the deaths weighed very heavily on his conscience?

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Following William's death, Victor returns home for a period of mourning with his family. He learns that Justine stands accused of the murder, and he is convinced at this point that every human being—including Justine—is innocent of the crime. He is tormented with the being he has created and whom he is convinced took the life of his young and innocent brother:

Did any one indeed exist, except I, the creator, who would believe, unless his senses convinced him, in the existence of the living monument of presumption and rash ignorance which I had let loose upon the world?

Victor deeply regrets his hand in the creation of this being which is now out of his control. He believes his actions were ignorant and realizes that he never fully considered the outcomes that creating and then deserting this being would have.

At Justine's trial, Victor realizes that the evidence is stacked against her. However, he does not speak up in her defense with his knowledge of the creature whom he is certain is truly...

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