If Beale Street Could Talk Questions and Answers
by James Baldwin

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What is a quote about time in If Beale Street Could Talk?

One quote about time from If Beale Street Could Talk arises when Tish associates different streets from her childhood neighborhood with days of the week, observing that each carries its own mood.

"It was the Sunday morning street. Our streets have days, and even hours."

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Time is an important component of If Beale Street Could Talk in several ways. Because Fonny (Alonzo) is incarcerated, and Tish and his other advocates are trying to get him released, time is relevant to the length of his jail sentence, including the ways that both of them endure it. Early in the novel, the reader learns that Tish is pregnant with their baby, so time is closely connected to the length of her pregnancy.

Both of these aspects are reflected in a line of dialogue that Tish speaks while visiting...

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