What is a quick summary of chapter 10 of Twenty-One Balloons?

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The Twenty-One Balloons is a 1947 novel written by William Pène du Bois. This novel mixes the scientific with the fantastic and tells the story of Professor William Waterman Sherman, a retired teacher who attempts to circumnavigate the globe and crash lands on the island of Krakatoa where he discovers a secret society of vast wealth.

Chapter 10 opens with a lecture given by Sherman to the population of Krakatoa on the subject of San Francisco. During the lecture, an impending volcanic eruption causes a panic and leads to all families evacuating the island via balloon platform.

The balloon platform travels west and the vast majority of the citizens parachute over India. The travel to India is in stark contrast to the lives the families lived on land. On land, the families experience extreme wealth, but here they are forced to ration food. The F family stays with the protagonist until the platform flies over Belgium. After Belgium, Sherman is the only...

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