What is a literary device and what types are used in "Ex-Basketball Player"?

A literary device is any technique that an author uses to achieve their goals in a particular work, especially in regard to aesthetics. The numerous literary devices in the poem include direct characterization, second-person point of view, personification, internal rhyme, alliteration, consonance, assonance, and allusion.

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The term literary device is very broad. It refers to technical features of a literary work. A specific device may be any technique that the author employs to carry out their intended purpose. Most often, these goals relate to the aesthetics of the work but may relate to other aspects as well.

John Updike includes a large number of different devices in this poem. Some of the prominent devices that he uses throughout are direct characterization and second-person point of view or perspective. Other recurring devices include personification, alliteration, consonance, and assonance. Internal rhyme and allusion are also featured.

The poem as a whole is devoted to direct characterization of Flick Webb. The narrator focuses on a number of specific features that distinguish this individual, such as his height and his “fine and nervous” hands. The poem’s speaker uses second-person point of view, which is often called direct address. This means that the narrator uses “you” in addressing the reader...

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