What is a jealousy thematic statement for Othello?

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A good thesis statement for jealousy in Othello could revolve around examining the close link between jealousy and insecurity, in particular how jealousy homes in and exploits people's innermost insecurities.

It's notable that those characters who display jealousy in Othello each have profound insecurities which are all too easily exploited by the green-eyed god. Othello himself is deeply insecure over his race and relatively low social class. Despite his outstanding success as a soldier, he's still remarkably unsure of himself. Very much an outsider, Othello is especially vulnerable to the devious wiles of Iago, who understands better than anyone the deep-seated insecurities that eat away at his master's soul.

Talking of Iago, he too is insecure. Resentful of being passed over for promotion, he has an enormous chip on his shoulder regarding Venice's social elite. His jealousy of the upper classes feeds upon his insecurities, causing him to sink deeper and deeper into iniquity as he destroys...

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