What is a good thesis statement for my essay on "Story of an Hour"? The interpretive question is: Why is "The Story of an Hour" considered feminist literature?

To come up with a thesis statement about how "The Story of an Hour" is considered feminist literature, you should consider how Louise Mallard's emotional oppression and reaction to her subsequent freedom reflects how marriage impacts women in her society.

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If you're struggling to create a thesis for a topic, you're likely struggling to envision the body paragraphs as well. Many students find that building those ideas into their thesis helps them to better plan for their paper. With that in mind, I would suggest a thesis that both directly addresses the topic of feminist criticism and weaves the support into the statement as well. Something like this would work:

The Story of an Hour is an example of feminist literature through the emotional oppression of Louise Mallard, the loss of her own sense of identity within her marriage, and the brief joy she experiences when given a taste of the freedom that independence could hold.

The first body paragraph would discuss how Louise exists in a marriage that brings her no happiness. It is noted that she has feared that her days on earth might be long, indicating that she finds no joy in her married life. When she first accepts the news, she accepts it willingly—gladly. She weeps in an outpouring of...

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