What is a good thesis for "I Stand Here Ironing"?

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To develop a good paper, you need to start with a thesis that you can support well. And to be able to support a thesis well, you need to begin with a position that speaks to you personally. Here are three different theses to get you started:

With supportive parents, children can flourish even under non-ideal circumstances. The narrator tells us that when Emily was young, she had to endure a great deal that her younger siblings did not. Her father abandoned her. Her mother, the narrator, could barely provide for her. She was sent to live with her father's relatives at least twice so that her mother could earn enough money to support her. Yet the narrator never gives up on Emily, not even in her young and inexperienced motherhood. She keeps loving her, even when there seems little left over to give, and Emily finally finds her own passions. At the end, her mother writes:

She is so lovely. Why did you want me to come in at all? Why were you concerned? She will find her way.

The narrator uses...

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