What is a good theme for The Hunger Games?

Themes in The Hunger Games include manipulation of the media, human rights and privilege, and maintaining humanity and dignity in the fight to survive.

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Media control and manipulation certainly feature as themes, particularly as correlated with the government's use of same as a form of repression. I am not sure that Suzanne Collins mounts the same intellectually compelling argument against government control as in novels like 1984 but the story is a good read for a YA audience and will certainly have people questioning things like reality/competitive TV (Big Brother, ... Got Talent, the Idol shows) and the cult of celebrity. I liked the parts in District 1 before the Games began about the machinations of stylists and TV hosts. 

   The parallels with ancient Rome are interesting; the 'circus' as diversion for the masses compares with 'the hunger games', the triumphant progress of games victors after the event matches with Rome's triumphs for her generals. And Collins even sprinkles a number of Roman names through district one.

As I was reading the first novel in the triology, I kept thinking about Survivor, Big Brother , and any number...

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