What is a good spin to put on an essay on communication?

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By "good spin" I believe that you are asking for help on how to come up with a position paper that discusses a unique angle of the broader "communications" subject. A fairly standard path to follow for a communications paper would be to write about the power of communications over a population or to write about how communications have changed throughout the last 100 years or so.

In order to find a new spin, you try to come up with an argumentative statement that is going to counter readers's expectations. One effective way to do this is to come up with an argument designed to intentionally get an emotional response out of the reader. Say something controversial. I don't know how broad your topic is, but you could look at a specific form of communication like social media. Your new spin could be something inflammatory about social media. Don't focus on whether or not it is a good or bad thing—too much of that writing already exists. Argue that most or all social media platforms should no longer be free to use. That's not that crazy either, as Google started pulling back on free storage last October. You could argue that by forcing users to pay for posting access, the media platforms will only get better due to the increased funding. That argument was made by Xbox years ago as to why they charged for their Live service rather than being free like other early online gaming competitors.

The goal of a new spin is to intrigue your readers, but the difficult aspect is that you are likely stating and defending something that doesn't have a lot of support yet. It's on you to convince your reader that your particular spin is a good one.

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