What is a good 2–3 sentence summary of "The Lottery"?

In "The Lottery," the residents of a rural town gather to participate in a tradition called the lottery, and some residents discuss the relevance of the lottery, revealing that some other towns have eliminated the tradition. Ultimately, a Mr. Hutchinson draws the marked lottery slip, and so his family members must each draw. After Tessie, his wife, draws the marked slip, she is stoned to death.

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A good summary of any literary work will enable someone who has not read the story to get the gist of what happens just by reading your summary. A summary of "The Lottery" would need to include what the lottery is, how it works, how Bill Hutchinson chooses the initial "winning" slip of paper, and how it is his wife, Tessie, who ultimately loses her life that day.

I would dedicate one sentence to an explanation of what this particular lottery is. It would need to explain that the lottery happens once a year and that the "winning" family is not lucky but extremely unlucky. This sentence will need to explain that one member of the "winning" family is to be stoned to death. Your sentence should also include some information on how the lottery "winner" is chosen. This first sentence will set the scene and allow the reader to make sense of what comes next.

A second sentence would be dedicated to the fact that it is a member of the Hutchinson family who will pay the ultimate price that year and...

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