What is a detailed summary of Travels with a Donkey by Robert Louis Stevenson?

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Travels with a Donkey is an autobiographical account by Robert Louis Stevenson, detailing his hiking trip in the Cevennes in France. The donkey referred to in the title is Modestine, a stubborn mule that Stevenson brought along to carry his possessions. His gripe with Modestine is that she walked incredibly slowly and would stop altogether if Stevenson did not keep pace with her.

Stevenson and Modestine visit many places during the course of their travels, such as the Our Lady of the Snows Monastery. He stayed for a day of rest and described the ambiance as austere and bleak.

From there, the explorer and his donkey continued to St. Jean du Gard, and Modestine—unlike Stevenson— developed great patience, waiting calmly whenever Stevenson would stop to talk to someone.

Upon arrival at St. Jean du Gard, Stevenson decided that it was time to part ways with Modestine. He then heads onward to Alais, travelling past an assortment of orchards and dwarf olive trees. With hindsight, Stevenson started to think about all that Modestine had come to mean to him. He realized that in her eyes, he had been a god and that she had shown him endless patience and trust. Ultimately, he felt immensely sad to have parted ways with his best friend.

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