What is a critical analysis of "An Angel in Disguise" by T. S. Arthur?

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The short story "An Angel in Disguise" by T.S. Arthur tells of the aftermath of the death of an alcoholic, vice-ridden mother of three. The inhabitants of the village arrange her funeral and then debate what to do with her children. A farmer takes the 12-year-old boy, figuring he is able to help with the work. A woman takes the 10-year-old girl with the goal of eventually making use of her as well. However, no one wants to take the youngest, Maggie, who is crippled and cannot leave her bed. After the mother's funeral Joe Thompson, the wheelwright, takes Maggie home with the purported intention of carrying her to the poorhouse. He and his wife eventually see the sweetness in Maggie and decide to keep her with them.

To properly analyze this story, it is helpful to know something about the author. Although he is almost unknown today, T.S. Arthur was a popular writer around the mid-19th century. His most famous work is a novel called Ten Nights in a Barroom and What I Saw There , which was...

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