What is a character web for Of Mice and Men?

A character web for Of Mice and Men would center on the primary connection between George and Lennie, then show their connections to every other character. Curley and his wife connect through marriage, and Curley connects, sometimes negatively, with the workers. Slim and Candy become close to George. Crooks lives separately, but Lennie’s inquisitiveness briefly connects them. Lenny’s fascination with Curley’s wife ends tragically.

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A character web is a graphic representation of characters, their traits, and their connections. Because Of Mice and Men takes places primarily on the ranch, most of the characters are ranch workers whose work-related duties and shared residence in the bunkhouse bring them into close, regular contact. A visual representation would place the two protagonists, George and Lennie, at the center. They have a long-time, strong relationship that includes elements of friendship and mutual support. As new ranch hands, they come into contact with all the other characters, but they have more interactions—both positive and negative—with some of them.

Curley and his wife are a unit that would be set off to one side. They are connected through marriage but have a rocky relationship. As the owner’s son, Curley logically interacts with the ranch hands . However, his wife is an outsider and would be visually represented as somewhat apart from the rest. Her interactions with the workers stem from boredom. Curley connects with Lennie in a physical fight, representing his jealous attitude toward all the workers. Because of his emotional immaturity and innocent curiosity, Lennie becomes closely, albeit briefly, connected to Curley’s wife; however, this relationship ends tragically.

Among the ranch hands, Slim and Candy become friendly with George and Lenny. Candy’s connection develops into participating in their plan to have their own farm. Crooks is an outsider character, but not through choice. Because he is Black, he is not allowed to share the main bunk room. Although he initially distrusts Lennie’s questions as prying, the two of them show some mutual empathy.

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