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What is the irony in the poem "Julia Miller" from Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters?

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Spoon River Anthology is a suite of poems in the voices of the deceased residents of a small town, each speaker recounting the circumstances of their lives and deaths. The experience for the reader is akin to visiting each one’s grave marker and providing final witness as the townspeople make their posthumous confessions. As such, the individual poems are generally downbeat; a recurring theme involves the remorses, unfinished relationships, and responsibilities of lives interrupted.

Of the many poems anthologized, Julia Miller’s is bracketed by two other poems—Flossie Cabanis’s and Johnnie Sayre’s—of those who met with violent ends. Hers was an apparent suicide by drug overdose. When we unpack the poem, we see that Julia Miller was betrayed, shamed, and treated somewhere along the spectrum of "misunderstood"...

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