What is ironic about Steve being in jail in Monster?

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It is ironic that Steve Harmon is in jail because he is found not guilty in the robbery and murder of Aguinaldo Nesbitt. In prison, he is surrounded by convicts and inmates that are guilty of committing various crimes. These criminals are essentially bad, violent people who made conscious decisions to participate in crimes. Steve Harmon is not intrinsically like them and has a conscience. He views himself as a good person with morals. Even though Steve knows that he is inherently different from the other prisoners, the inmates, guards, jury members, and attorneys perceive him to be the same. It is ironic that Steve Harmon is categorized as a criminal like the other inmates, despite the fact that he is a good kid who is innocent. Steve does not deserve to be in prison because he is not guilty of robbing or murdering Nesbitt. 

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