What is ironic about Willy Lomans comment "I'm tired to the death" ? I am aware of the fact that this quotation shows an ironic extent of exhaustion but can you please explay why it is ironic?

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When Willy returns home from a sales trip at the beginning of the play, he is exhausted and upset with his lack of success. Willy casually tells his wife, "I’m tired to the death," and proceeds to explain the difficulties he faced while driving to his destination (Miller 5). Willy Loman's comment is ironic because he is actually close to dying. Willy's comment was intended to be an exaggeration of his everyday fatigue, but it is ironically accurate. Willy has been contemplating suicide for some time and has even hidden a rubber hose with a nozzle attached to it in his basement. Willy has difficulty accepting the unfortunate reality of his situation and chooses to occupy his mind with delusional thoughts in order to protect his sensitive spirit. Willy prefers to daydream about the past and has hallucinations in which he speaks to his deceased brother and reminisces about his son's adolescent success. After Willy loses his job and accepts the fact that he is a failure, he decides to commit suicide by purposely wrecking his car so that his family will receive his life insurance policy.

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This can be ironic in that Willy actually dies shortly after making this statement, by killing himself in an automobile collision.  Willy hasn't been well mentally for some time, as evidenced by the fact that he has been using a hose to breathe toxic fumes from the gas heater in the basement.  He also has increasingly been experiencing hallucinations, in addition to flashbacks, and is unable to distinguish fantasy from reality at times, such as his brother Ben affirming his decision to kill himself.

Willy cannot deal with the pressure life has put upon him.  On top of losing his job as a salesman, his son cannot find and keep a job, and he is unable to keep up with paying all of his bills.  When he says he is tired to the death, he is expressing his sense of physical fatigue, but also, and more importantly, his sense of being finished with living.  He is tired of his life that offers nothing but disappointment. 

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