Into the Wild Questions and Answers
by Jon Krakauer

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What is ironic about where Chris donated his money in the book Into the Wild? A. OXFAM America is a hunger relief organization. B. His parents believed that he would use the money for law school C. He could have purchased a new car. D. He could have purchased equipment and/or food that would have saved his life.

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All of the answers are technically true, but the one that is the most ironic is the first one. Chris McCandless donated his money to OXFAM America, which is a hunger relief organization. The ultimate irony in this fact is that, two years later, he himself died of starvation.

Chris McCandless was an idealist and an enigma. After he donated the money that was to have put him through law school to OXFAM, he began to pursue his lifelong dream of traveling the country, with no itinerary, no companions, and few amenities. There were a number of instances where he unwittingly put his own life in danger, but the call to wander in complete freedom as he felt it within his soul was stronger than anything to him, even his own well-being. After donating his money, Chris never saw his family again, but on one of his earlier trips, taken during the summer between school semesters, he returned so emaciated that his parents were stunned. During the two years between his college graduation and his final fateful trip into the Alaskan wilds, Chris traveled ceaselessly, and survived a flash flood, heatstroke while hiking in the desert during the height of summer, and being caught in a ferocious storm while paddling a canoe on the open sea. When he finally died, he had gotten himself stuck in the Alaskan bush, into which he had hiked with nothing more than a small sack of rice and a lunch packed by the wife of the man who gave him a ride. Trapped by the high waters of a river which was swollen with runoff from the mountains, Chris had tried to live off plants and seeds in his environment, but had been unsuccessful. His decomposed remains, when found, weighed only sixty-five pounds; Chris McCandless, who had donated enough money to finance a good deal of time in law school to an organization which worked to alleviate hunger for others, had starved to death himself.

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