What is ironic about the search for Montag in 1984?

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the greatest ironies about the search is the fact that even though Montag gets away, the society believes he has indeed been captured. What further develops this irony is the fact that he has been viewed by people on both television screens and out in the streets with people's first hand perspectives. The people are still deceived into believing he has been captured.

Another irony is the fact that the person the Hound is chasing is indeed one of them, a fireman.

Likewise, Montag uses the features that he understands about the society to escape. If he didn't have the small TV at Faber's house, he would not have known how close they were to him.

Perhaps the greatest irony is the fact that fire is used to bring about life instead of death. The chapter is entitled Burning Bright in order to highlight Montag's new knowledge. He began his escape with fire by burning both the Captain and the Hound. Fire is usually used to destroy, but both Montag and Beatty found new life through this escape of Montag's.

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