In To Kill a Mockingbird, explain the irony of the "nest down yonder [being] dangerous to live around 'sides devaluin' [his] property".  

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Bob Ewell refers to the Quarters where all the Negros live as dangerous, and not valuable. Ironically, the Ewells' property is essentially in the dump. They live like it to. Their property doesn't have real value regardless of the fact that they live somewhat close to the Negros. This doesn't even matter. What makes their property not of much value is the facts that they don't take care of it, they use trash to fix it if they fix it, and it's location is in a trash heap. The Negros probably live much more cleanly than Bob Ewell. In fact, the house he lives in is referred to as an old Negro cabin. It is their trash. This is ironic because everything he says about them is actually the truth about him.

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