In Paul Zindel's The Pigman, what is ironic about Miss Stewart's living room?

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In chapter two of Zindel's The Pigman, Lorraine discusses a couple of the female teachers and happens to share an anecdote about the typing teacher Miss Stewart. Apparently, Lorraine had gone to Miss Stewart's house to drop off some papers and discovered that she keeps her mother in the living room. Lorraine felt like she was going to cry because it seemed so sad. Lorraine says that Miss Stewart tried to make her feel more comfortable by saying the following:

"She made a little joke about it--how she kept her mother in the middle of the living room because she didn't want her to think she was missing anything when people came to visit" (10).

Lorraine goes on to say that she feels very sorry for Miss Stewart because she can't imagine anyone wanting to date, let alone marry, someone who keeps her mother in the middle of the living room. The situation is ironic because no one would expect to witness a bed with someone's mother right in the middle of the living room. Another ironic thing about it is once someone visits Miss Stewart's home, they may never want to go visit again because her mother is in the living room. Hence, the whole point of having the mother there is so she won't miss out on visits, but ironically, people might not come back because of it.

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