What is the invitation process for Gatsby's parties in Chapter 3 of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby?

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For the most part, there is no invitation process for Gatsby's parties.  That's one of the points of the parties.

People come from all over with no invitations.  The word travels about the parties and the people of the Jazz Age are so eager to party and drink illegal alcohol that they show up from all over.  The attendance at the parties demonstrates the recklessness and carelessness and lack of consideration of the people.  They come without knowing whether the host wants them there.  They don't care if he wants them there or not.

This, of course, contrasts with the attendance at Gatsby's funeral.  The contrast shows that the party-goers use Gatsby like everyone else does. There is one exception, of course.  Gatsby does invite Nick to join the party.  The process is that he just asks him to come.

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