In A Separate Peace, who are the witnesses for the investigation?

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The investigation happens at the end of Chapter 11 of A Separate Peace. The goal of the “investigation” (which is more of a mock trial) is to figure out what happened when Phineas fell out of the tree and shattered his leg.

Brinker is the one who sets up the trial, makes himself the chief prosecutor, asks for witness, and moves the trial along. He was not around when the accident happened, though, so he does not act as a witness.

There are primarily only three witnesses called during the investigation because there were only three witnesses to what happened that day: Phineas, Gene, and Leper.

Phineas tells what he remembers about the story, which isn’t much, until he recalls that Gene came up the tree with him—a fact he had previously remembered wrong. He says,

He was very happy. “And I think I did start to pose just to make you madder, and I said, what did I say? Something about the two of us . . . yes, I said, ‘Let’s make a double jump,’ because I thought if we went...

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