What is intruiging about the Pickwell children's names in Maniac Magee?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The intriguing thing about the Pickwell children's names is that, apparently, they all start with a "D."

There are ten Pickwell children, and, as far as I can see, the names of six of them begin with the letter "D." In Chapter 6, the author mentions "baby Didi" as one of the many people who have dinner at the house every night, and a few paragraphs later, five of the other children are helping with the dishes and having a conversation about the unidentified guest who has just graced their dinner table.

"Dominic Pickwell (says) to Duke Pickwell, 'Who's that kid?'

'What kid?' (says) Duke.

'The kid next to you at the table.'

'I don't know. I thought Donald knew him.'

'I don't know him,' said Donald. 'I thought Dion knew him.'

'Never saw him,' said Dion. 'I figured he was Deirdre's new boyfriend.'"

So the author reveals to us that, of the ten Pickwell children, six of them have names that begin with "D" - Didi, Dominic, Duke, Donald, Dion, and Deirdre. I do not believe that he ever tells us what the last four Pickwell children are named; we are left to speculate if, as perhaps seems likely but not certain, that the last four children also have names that begin with the letter "D," and if so, what these names are.