How did Oskar Schindler save many Jewish lives?

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eaglecat eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Schindler owned a large factory that was well respected by the Nazi hierarchy.  Schindler had a list of workers, primarily Jews that he recruited in order to rescue them from their only other alternative--death and concentration camps.  Those on "Schindler's List" were safe from seizure by the Nazi soldiers, so long as they were working for Schindler.  These workers worked for Schindler in his factory and were spared the horrific fate of the death camps.

zohan99 | Student

Oskar went about saving these Jewish people by doing the following:

1.) Bribing SS officers large amounts of money in order to keep "his" workers with him. He eventually was broke by the end of the war.

2.) He charmed High ranking SS officers into letting him have a factory, run by his Jews.

3.) Schindler had his workers protected inside his factory, and was always pen to new Jews coming in to seek refuge.

Hope that helps!

qweasd | Student

Steven Spilburg’s film ‘Schindlers List’ reveals the change that took place in Nazi Germany but it’s the changes that occurred with Oskar Schindler that are most significant because of his moral development through the film. The film describes the horrors of the holocaust which involved the mass murders of all the Jews.  The man who stood out was Oskar Schindler as a righteous person because he witnessed the selection and pitted the Jews, Schindler wanted to do some for the Jews.