What intoduction best in my term paper entitled "livelihood training program to out-of-school-youth:an alternative solution to combat drug-addiction"?idea or sample introduction in my term paper

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While I can not offer any definitive suggestions based on the limited information you have provided, I can give you some general guidelines for introductions.  Think of the introduction like a funnel that is wide (or broad) at the top (the beginning) and then narrows at the bottom (the end).  You want to lead your reader into the paper and end the introduction with a concise yet thorough thesis statement.  Avoid listing in your thesis; summarize instead. You might consider beginning your introduction with a rhetorical question; you might also consider some sort of anecdote.  Or, if you have some striking or unusual information that you have discovered through your research, you can incorporate a small piece of it here to spark interest.  The main goal is that your first sentence make your reader want to continue.

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