What interrupts the conversation between Kit and Judith about Nat in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

In The Witch of Blackbird Pond, the conversation between Kit and Judith about Nat is interrupted by Rachel, who is standing in the doorway when they arrive home. She tells them that Matthew has been fetched away, and she thinks Governor Andros will soon be coming to town.

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In chapter 14 of The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Kit and Judith go to the dock to watch the Dolphin arrive. Although Kit knows that Nat will be busy with the cargo, she hopes to see him. She is soon delighted to see him wave to her.

However, after he gives her a package to take to Hannah, his tone changes. She realizes that he has been under the impression that she is engaged to William. This idea had grown from the fact that William had shipped fancy windows for his new house, and rumors were circulating that he was going to marry a woman from Barbados. Nat is so resentful that Kit did not tell him herself, that he will not wait for her to refute the rumor.

After he departs and the young women start walking back home, Judith—who had overheard them—is astonished at his rudeness. When she refers to him as “a common riverman,” Kit reminds her that she had told Judith his father was a captain. Unconvinced, Judith speaks dismissively of his poor manners.

As they reach the house, they find Rachel in the doorway, looking up the road. Her news effectively ends all talk of Nat. Rachel tells them that a man has fetched Matthew away and that the men are congregating up the road. They are apparently awaiting the arrival of Governor Andros and concerned about his plans for the charter.

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