What are some internal traits that Kira has?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kira is a lot of things.  Physically she is crippled and could have been killed because of it given that her society doesn't tolerate such things.  It's possible her internal character traits arose out of the need to fight against her disability, or perhaps it's fortuitous that she was born with those character traits.  Either way, her internal character traits are what help her stay alive and fight against the old superstitious patterns of her culture.  

Kira is very determined.  She does not give up easily and will continue to work and fight toward what she wants.  That character trait is already hinted at on the second page with this quote:

"Somehow she would build a cott. Then she would find a way to make a life." (3)

That same line indicates that Kira is also hard-working.  She is not one to give up or ask for help right away.  Determined and hard-working often go hand in hand.  Additionally the quote shows that she is resourceful.  She doesn't know how she is going to build a cott.  She just knows that somehow, she will get it done. The cott isn't the only reason she is resourceful, though.  Her society does not look favorably upon crippled people.  Yet Kira seems to always find a way to make herself useful to those around her and to her village as a whole.   

I would also say that Kira is independent.  Her disability automatically distances her from people.  She's a rarity and doesn't really fit in because of it.  Instead of "hiding in a hole" or something like that, Kira stands firm in her abilities and actions.  She makes decisions on her own.