What internal marketing suggestion would you provide for your staff to communicate to your customers the value of your resort?This involves the four Ps of the marketing mix.

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boblawrence eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The “Marketing Mix” is a term coined by Neil Borden during his 1953 speech to the American Marketing Association.  Marketing is a mix of the ingredients price, product, promotion and distribution.

The Marketing Mix is a sort of recipe for marketing.  It is up to the marketing manager to prepare the correct marketing mix by using his own recipe, someone else’s recipe, or, if necessary, adding new ingredients that have never been used before.

Here are the “Four P’s” of The Marketing Mix and comments for each in answer to your question.

1.  Product:  In your case the product is the resort itself.  Employees should be provided with a one-page fact sheet that outlines the amenities, pricing, availability, financing options, and perhaps favorable comparison of your facility over competing resorts.  Sales persons should also have a supply of thoughtfully designed brochures and attractive business cards.

2.  Price:  See “Product”.  The sales staff should be trained to present the price in a manner that allows the prospect to see the value of this resort over that of competitors.  Staff should be armed with special promotion prices, and special offers for those that sign up within a certain brief time period.  There might also be special offers for repeat customers.

3.  Promotion:  This includes all advertising, personal selling, sales promotions and public relations. Staff should be trained to make cold calls.  They should be equipped with professionally designed PowerPoint presentations and encouraged to speak to civic groups.  Promotional activities might include free meals served to prospects that are given the sales presentation and a tour of the facilities.

4.  Place:  This refers to the location where the product can be purchased, in other words, the distribution channel.  For your business the “place” is the resort itself.  However, the “place” might also be venues in which your staff might distribute materials and be available for questions.  Such venues might include senior centers. RV and boat shows, travel seminars, and the like.