What are the internal and external conflicts in "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall"?

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This excellent story is actually quite a challenge to piece together as the narrative method adopted, the stream of consciousness method, allows for a very incoherent jumping of one memory or thought to the next. However, it is clear that the external conflict that Granny Weatherall is facing is her stubbornness and determination against the mollycoddling (as she sees it) that she is receiving from her daughter Cornelia, and others, such as Doctor Harry and Father Connolly:

Well, she could just hear Cornelia telling her husband that Mother was getting a little childish and they'd have to humour her. The thing that most annoyed her was that Cornelia thought she was deaf, dumb and blind. Little hasty glances and tiny gestures tossed around her and over her head saying, "Don't cross her, let her have her way, she's eighty years old," and...

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