What are some of the internal and external conflicts that the Mirabel sisters faced?

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The Mirabel sisters are faced with several conflicts throughout the novel. Internally each young woman struggles with becoming who she desires to be while remaining loyal to her family wanted her to become. They each want to be loyal to their family, but some of their beliefs pull them in directions where they must make a choice. They must each decide whether loyalty or civic duty is more important to them all the while trying to be good wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters to their families.

Externally the Mirabel sisters must each choose to what extent they get involved in the revolution against Trujillo and his regime. For example, Minerva is committed to the revolution wholeheartedly. It's an easier choice for her to make and she meets conflict head on. Maria Teresa, the youngest sister lives to please Minerva and makes excuses for her whenever she needs it. Maria Teresa, until imprisoned met conflicts with a more joyful spirit. Patria, the oldest meets conflict with the revolution because she is unsure she wants any involvement but at the same time does not want to upset her family. Patria also struggles internally with her faith. Dede is the sister who gave into her husband's demand that she not join her sisters in the revolution and in doing so she met with conflict among her sisters. As a result of her obedience she lost her sisters and now lives alone to tell their story.


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