What are the internal conflicts in The Most Dangerous Game?  

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hilahmarca eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rainsford faces many tough decisions throughout his adventure on Ship Trap Island.  First, it was his original opinion that hunters are all important and have no need to consider the feelings of their prey.  This is put to the test, however, when he becomes the prey and realizes that fear rushes through the body throughout the chase.  Though it's not revealed, the reader assumes Rainsford will reconsider his position on hunting in the future. 

Rainsford is also confronted with the dilemma of playing "the game" with the General or having to fight off Ivan.  Though Rainsford is disgusted with the whole concept of "the game", he realizes he stands no chance in hand to hand combat with Ivan, but he can use his hunting skills and knowledge to beat the General at his own game. 

Finally, upon returning to the General's chateau after jumping off the cliff to avoid being captured, the General congratulates Rainsford for beating him at the game.  He says he will arrange for Rainsford to be sent home.  Rainsford must choose whether to trust that the General will follow through with his promise or fight him to determine a real winner.  Of course, Rainsford chooses to fight and comes out the winner.

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