What intergovernmental organizations is Australia a member of? What benefits does it derive from that membership?

Australia is a member of many international or intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), the most notable being the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, multilateral banks, the World Trade Organization, and others. Many countries (especially member states of the same IGOs) have several benefits from Australia's membership in some of these international organizations, such as better economic and trade relations.

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International relations are of utmost importance when it comes to international and intergovernmental cooperation between the nations of the world. It goes further than politics, and the focus is mainly on gathering information and potentially resolving the issues of common interest that affect the world globally. To make this easier, two or more sovereign states come together and propose the idea of creating an international or intergovernmental organization (IGO). Because of the fact that several governments cooperate with each other to promote good bilateral relations, these organizations are considered international legal entities or legal persons.

As a state with a generally stable political climate and good developmental, foreign, and international policy, Australia is a member or a partner of many international or intergovernmental organizations. Some of these include the United Nations (UN) and several of the UN’s organs, programs, organizations, and agencies (such as the WHO, IMF, UNESCO), The Group of Twenty (G20), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Trade Organization, MIKTA (Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, Australia), and more. You can find the complete list of the international organizations that Australia is a member of, as well as learn more information about the listed international organizations, here.

Australia’s membership in international organizations is beneficial to all other member states, as well as non-member states, as intergovernmental partnerships provide more security, a better economic climate, and bigger opportunities for prosperity in general. You can read more about Australia's international relations here.

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