What is the Interactionist perspective on social interactions?

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Interactionist theory states that all social processes are defined and created by individual social interaction on a personal level (Wikipedia). In this model, social processes are limited only by how people interact directly with each other; ever type of social interaction, from casual greetings in the street to complex family social structures, affects the larger landscape of society and societal function. This model recognizes the importance of communication, and the ability of individuals to tailor their personal, unique methods of interaction to better communicate with other individuals. From this perspective, the individual social interaction is the most important part of sociology and society, being the part that most affects other parts and other types. Instead of focusing on society as a homogeneous whole, affecting itself from the collective to the individual, interactionism puts more focus on the individual. Interactionism is an important sociological theory, and socially popular among individualist philosophies.

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