What is the intended audience of the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare?

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Shakespeare's plays were the popular entertainment of the Elizabethan age: the public would flock to see them in the same way that people flock to the cinema these days. It is not the case that with 'Macbeth', Shakespeare had a particular target audience in mind; it is not the same as the twilight series and its vampire romance tergetting teenagers with an interest in the gothic.

However, it is known that the reigning monarch at the time, King James 1 had a deep interest in witches and a conviction that they were the cause of much evil. Thus with 'Macbeth', Shakespeare is making the politically smart move of writing a play which confirms the beliefs of the King himself. 

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Shakespeare's target audience for the play Macbeth was no doubt King James I,the reigning monarch of England when the play was composed ,and his courtiers,because the play has a suggestion that the monarch was a descendant of Banquo,to whom the witches had prophecied that his future generation will be kings.Shakespeare has also traken care to characterise Banquo as brave and honest,which no doubt pleased the king.

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